The value of making the right choice....

- the first time

Decision making by assumptions only is an introduction of high risk to any operation or project.

The success of any Project or Investment is the right combination of Time, Cost and Quality.

Balancing these elements and getting it to match the project at hand in the most optimum way will, secure the best long-term success and return of your investment.

Understanding the requirements and defining the associated quality is the key for scheduling of time, manage the cost, and securing the long-term success for the benefit of the bottom line.

Only analysis and application of correct reasoning will offer the right solution and make it the Logic choice.


At Logic Marine Consult we offer our expertise and assistance in finding the right solution for any technical project or challenge that your organization might have, and we are in particular keen on supporting your green transition.

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Can I help You make the right choices?

Do you run a lean organization with limited bandwidth to address other technical challenges than the daily operations, or do you simply need external expert assistance?

With my 38 yearlong legacy of solid experience in Marine & Offshore, I have built a track record of trust, knowledge and lessons learned.

On that basis I can offer you the best advice and guidance into finding the right solution to your project or challenge.

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